Participation Requirements

Our program is divided into spring, summer and fall seasons. Each player is expected to participate in a minimum of 90% of the spring and summer program games.


While we understand that families may take some vacation during the summer, no player will be accepted to be on one of our teams if he/she will be unavailable for longer than two weeks without the approval of the manager of the team and the Athletic Director.


If you feel that there are extenuating circumstances that are forcing you to go away for more than two weeks during the season or to miss a local, regional or national tournament then you can apply to the Athletic Director or President for an exemption from this rule.

Complaints and Concerns

If a player and/or parent are dissatisfied with the player’s playing time, it is the player/parent’s responsibility to discuss the situation in a civil manner in private with the manager of the team either before or after but not during any games. If the player/parent does not adhere to the organization’s code of conduct in interacting with the manager then they will be subject to the disciplinary actions called out in the Parents code of conduct. It is the manager’s responsibility to explain the player’s situation on the team in the context of these guidelines and to try to reach a joint understanding of the player’s role and playing time on the team going forward. If the manager and player/parent cannot reach a joint understanding then the parent has the right to take their concerns to the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will not speak to a player or parent about their playing time concerns unless the player/parent has already spoken to the manager and reached an impasse. If an impasse has been reached then the Athletic Director will speak to the player/parent and to the manager separately and then possibly together to try to reach a resolution of the situation that is in the spirit of the above guidelines. If no resolution can be reached and the Athletic Director feels that the guidelines have been followed appropriately by the Manager then the player/parent will need to make a decision as to whether the player wishes to stay on the team given their current role and playing time. If the player decides that he would prefer to go elsewhere the organization will grant the player a release at any time. If the Athletic Director does not feel that the guidelines have been followed appropriately by the Manager then it is the Athletic Director’s responsibility to find a way to correct the situation.

Extenuating Circumstances

All parties concerned should understand that the above guidelines are just that – guidelines and not hard and fast rules. Decisions and actions are expected to be made that are in the “spirit” of the guidelines at all times. However, all parties should understand that there can be extenuating circumstances in any particular situation which cause the guidelines not to be followed as described in this document. In these cases, it will be the Athletic Director’s responsibility to decide whether the guidelines have been appropriately followed and to act at all times in a manner consistent with the organization’s mission and goals.

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Team Belongs to the organization

Teams Belong to the organization not managers


Players and teams belong to the COUGAR organization and not to a particular manager.We all follow the same rules and work within a central structure.


Within that structure managers are free to run their own program.Players in our organization will play for a number of different managers and coaches. That is a constant in our mission, goals and guidelines.

Membership Donation Refund Schedule

Any player may leave any Cougar’s team at any time. They must return equipment that belongs to the organization. Below is the refund schedule. Before spring season begins: full refund of membership and fundraising donation.

1st month of spring season: 2/3 refund of membership donation only.

Between 1st and 2nd month: ½ refund of membership donation only.

After 2nd month of spring season or anytime during summer season: no refund.

Before fall season begins: full refund of fall membership donation. 

1st month of fall season: refund of ½ fall membership donation. After 1 month of fall season: no refund.


No exhibition or league games before the last weekend in March. Practice, practice, practice.

Scrimmages are permitted prior to then – however no umpires, uniforms, tournament or organized event.