About us

The Brooklyn Cougars are focused on developing players who are prepared to excel at a Middle School, High School, Collegiate & Professional level regardless of the team they play for in the future. When we started our organization in 2004 it was with the purpose of. Creating an atmosphere where baseball fundamentals and academic excellence are held to the highest standards. Our success is defined by creating players that shine in the spotlight not on the record of wins and losses, where win at all costs leads to injured players, poor mechanics and tense environment. We know what the coaches at the NEXT LEVEL want to see… We focus on:

Collegiate Style Organization – Professional baseball people who run an organization, not a team, preparing individuals to succeed at every level of the sport. Structure, philosophy, organization.

Advanced Training Techniques – Individuals are taught to play the fundamentals of the game, using advanced training techniques, to excel on any team they are on in the future.

Analytics Focus – Focused on improving individuals using the analytics that matter to college and pro scouts. How to improve exit velocity, bat speed 40 yd dash, spin rate. Tangible metrics that measure YOU as an individual for future success.