Team Fund-Raising Events

All Cougar teams are encouraged to run their own fund-raising events to help reduce the costs for their tournaments and second uniforms.

The President and Athletic Director must approve all fundraising events before they are scheduled.

Team Fund-Raising Collection/Records

The Parent Liaison for each team should be responsible for collecting all money belonging to their team. It is suggested that the manager and coaches not get involved in any way in the collection of money and instead should focus their energy on the running of the baseball program.

The Parent Liaison with the help and support of the manager must also keep fund-raising records for their team. These records should be available upon request by the team manager and parents as well as submitted to the President, Athletic Director and Board of Directors on a monthly basis from March through August of the calendar year. Any team not submitting their monthly financial records as required will not be eligible for any tournament money provided by the organization.